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Operation Thunderstomp 2022

Date:  May 21, 2022

The UN has engaged in peacekeeping efforts in Chadmenistan after the fascists dictator Chadrick committed many atrocities on his people. The Chadmenistan military is viewing this outside intervention as an act of war and have begun openly engaging UN peacekeeping forces. UN has tasked CO Smith and XO Smith (no relation) with eliminating the threat.
Event features multiple objectives and includes key gameplay features:
- Roaming zone control with set FRAGO's
- Interactive call-in air strikes and mortar strikes

Tan Team (UN)
Green Team (CHAD)

Game Map:  Click here to download map

Event Schedule
8:30am:  Chrono Open

8:30am-10:am:  Check In

10am-10:30am:  Game Brief

10:30am-7:00pm:  Game Play

7:00pm-7:30pm:  Raffles

Event Incentives Include:
Care Packages - Rifles, Pistols, Smoke Grenades, EG67's and BB's will be scattered throughout the field during gameplay.

Event Discounts - $2 off BB's on day of event

Raffles - First fifty players to sign up will be entered into a drawing to win an M4 and Two Colony War tickets to be raffled off to players on the winning team.